Agricultural internship is a form of postgraduate training of graduates, the main task of which is to increase the level of practical training of graduates and readiness for independent professional activity. In 2016, the first recruitment to the agro-internship was made and amounted to 66 students. Today 117 people improve their skills. The training lasts 3 years, the first year of which is a preliminary internship, the second and third are professional.

Agricultural internship is conducted in the following areas:
Specialization: “Modern technologies in dairy farming”
Specialization: “Modern technologies in beef cattle breeding”
Specialization: “Modern technologies in fur farming”
Specialization: “Service dog breeding”

Training of specialists was carried out according to individual curricula developed on the basis of postgraduate training programs, in accordance with the qualification characteristics of specialists in the relevant specialties. Each student was assigned an individual consultant from among the leading teachers of the graduating departments, whose specialty coincided with the profile of the production direction of the intern. Knowledge and skills were monitored every six months during the training. At the end, the final attestation of the internship students was conducted, during which the graduates passed a professional test and a practical exam (students prepared and presented a long-term development plan for the relevant industry or basic enterprise).

The result of internship is a production confirmation of professional qualifications, which is the basis for inclusion of the graduate in the data bank to provide suggestions and recommendations to Ukrainian and foreign employers.