The faculty plans to create educational and methodological complexes in disciplines in accordance with modern requirements for the level of training specialists;

development and discussion of working curricula, standard programs of educational disciplines and other documents, planning of educational activities;

development and carrying out measures on improvement of educational activity, increase of pedagogical skills of scientific and pedagogical workers;

development and discussion of methods of teaching subjects, texts of lectures, as well as methods of organizing different types of classes;

discussion of the problems of intensification of educational process, methods of using educational television, technical means of training, computers and didactic materials to them

development and discussion of the methodology of students’ independent work, generalization of the experience of this work and preparation of proposals for its improvement;

studying, generalization and dissemination of positive experience of methodical activity;

mastering of new student distance learning systems using educational environment Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment)