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Date of birth – January 02, 1946.

1967 – graduated from Kyiv State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, the Faculty of German Language. Title of qualification awarded – English and German Teacher in Secondary School (equivalent to Master’s Degree).

1967 – 1968 – German Language Teacher.

1968 – 1980 – German Language Teacher, Senior German Language Teacher, Associate Professor, and Head of the Department of Foreign Languages in Uman Agricultural Institute.

1980 – 2019 – Head of the Department of Foreign Languages in SNAU.

2019 – Present – Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages.

1974 – defended the thesis for a degree of the Candidate of Philological Sciences.

1977 – was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor.

Participation in the organisational work of the Department, Faculty and University, an Honored Teacher of SNAU, a member of the Council of Veterans, occupational guidance for prospective students in educational institutions of Sumy region.

Major academic disciplines: “German Language”, “German for Specific Purposes”, “Advanced German Language”.

Area of expertise: Agricultural terminology of modern German language, German spelling in the field of learning foreign languages by adults, quality assurance in teaching German in agrarian universities.

Advanced training: September – October 2017 – Sumy Pedagogical Institute named after A.S. Makarenko, Advanced Training Program for SNAU Academic Staff “Expanding Theoretical and Practical Knowledge on the Methodology of Teaching a Foreign Language in High School”.

The main scientific papers:

150 publications in the academic journals, including those indexed in Web of Science and Scopus

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